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Wright Aerial Solutions

"Elevating you higher"

In Wright Aerial Solutions we specialize in fiting your project with the ideal aerial solution, guiding you all the way until you become airborne.


About Us

In the last decade, we have worked with businesses of a vast spectrum of industries, such as infrastructure, agriculture, renewable energies, defense, and more. In all those industries, we have identified significant gaps between the existing work configuration and the existing aerial capabilities which enable cost reduction, efficiency upgrade and dramatically improving the quality of processes and achieving better results.


From the identification of these gaps, we have set ourselves the goal of making drones accessible, and matching between the most advanced drone capabilities in the market, and your specific needs. We aim to help you preserve your competitive and professional advantage over your competitors.

Photography & Videography

Aerial photography for construction site monitoring, inspection and marketing.

This service aims to give an edge to real estate agents and property owners who wish to raise above the rest of the market by presenting the property, the landscape and the advantages of the property's location in addition to the property itself. 

Today, drones allow an agent to show their clients all of the environmental advantages of the property, especially when the building is located on a large property, and display the location benefits such as proximity to transportation infrastructures, educational institutions, nature reserves and the overall landscape.

We offer photography, videography and property promotional films at unbeatable prices all across Israel.

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Photogrammetry and 3D modeling for the solar industry

Photogrammetry and 3D modeling for solar panel installation

We are Israel’s top provider for mapping and modeling buildings for the solar industry.

Solar installers can design and plan their project on an accurate 3D model, featuring exact and updated measurements of their client’s roof.


The outcome concludes of:

  • Still images of the building

  • DWG/SKP model with a 2 cm relative accuracy

  • A realistic 3D model of the roof

  • High resolution Orthomosaic of the property (1 cm per pixel)

Regulatory consultation services

Working with the Israeli CAA (Civil Aerial Authority) can become highly bureaucratic and involves a deep knowledge in the local regulation. 

In order to help you focus on your product we offer to take off your hands all of the bureaucracy by analyzing your regulatory needs, creating a product profile and all of the documentation needed until you are given the permit to fly.


Our services consist of:

  • Obtaining an Israeli aircraft ID (4X-ABC)

  • Aircraft liability insurance

  • Aircraft operating license

  • UAV operator license

  • Aerial coordination in restricted airspace

רישיון הפעלה אווירית - רייט פתרונות אווי

Hire a senior drone pilot

We often get requests from clients who design their own platform or payload, and need an expert pilot for the test and mission flights.


Depending on your specific requirements, we will be able to help! All of our pilots have hundreds of hours of experience both in “off the shelf” drones such as DJI, or in custom open-source drones such as Pixhawk based drones or any custom drone. 

All of our pilots are licensed and well familiarized with all the Israeli regulations. 

Please give us as much notice as possible so that we can arrange everything in good time.

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